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Episode 7 – Somewhere in Time (1986)

On this episode, your hosts discuss the album that was released hot on the heels of the landmark World Slavery Tour.   Somewhere in Time marked a slight change in Iron Maiden’s sound, losing some fans due to the lush production but gaining others who appreciated the band’s growth.  Of the so-called classic albums, this one seems to draw the harshest lines in terms of love/hate.  So sit back, grab a Trooper, and take a listen as Stilts, Drew, and Brendan discuss the album that saw Adrian Smith take a front seat in songwriting and Bruce get pushed to the back.

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Episode 3 – The Book of Souls (2015)


Like a newborn baby baboon six months in the making, Stilts and Drew reboot the show by reviewing the brand new release, The Book of Souls!  It doesn’t get much fresher than this, folks!

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