Episode 7 – Somewhere in Time (1986)

On this episode, your hosts discuss the album that was released hot on the heels of the landmark World Slavery Tour.   Somewhere in Time marked a slight change in Iron Maiden’s sound, losing some fans due to the lush production but gaining others who appreciated the band’s growth.  Of the so-called classic albums, this one seems to draw the harshest lines in terms of love/hate.  So sit back, grab a Trooper, and take a listen as Stilts, Drew, and Brendan discuss the album that saw Adrian Smith take a front seat in songwriting and Bruce get pushed to the back.

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Episode 6 – Visions of the Beast (and beyond)

Three months in the making, this epic episode takes a look at all the official Iron Maiden promo videos, using the now 15 year old Visions of the Beast dvd set as a guide.  As that release only goes up to the Brave New World era, Stilts also compiled a post-BNW video playlist on youtube for your intrepid hosts to watch and comment on, although by then, everyone was pretty fried!  So, cue up your VotB dvds, hit play at the cue, and enjoy over 2 hours of commentary from your favorite Iron Maiden podcast team!

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Episode 5 – Powerslave (1984)


After a brief hiatus, the power trio at Back in the Village has returned to discuss the monumental album Powerslave, its impact on Iron Maiden fans everywhere, and its status as one those albums that is universally loved by Maiden fans worldwide.  Somehow Drew goes off on a tangent involving Donald Duck pr0n and Stilts do an impromptu rendition of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” as sung by Udo Dirkschneider from ACCEPT.

Yes, you read that right.

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Episode 4 – Piece of Mind (1983)


Stilts and Drew welcome their new co-host, Brendan aka Dicko, to the show as they head out on the adventure that is Piece of Mind.  Listen to the new three-way dynamic as Stilts voices some unpopular opinions regarding some Maiden classics and almost loses his mind over the song “Quest for Fire” as he descends deeper and deeper into the demon that is drink while Drew and Dicko continue to goad him like country bumpkins at a sideshow.

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